How would you describe us? We are fun! We're unique, happy-go-lucky and colorful - just like our products. We're determined to put a smile on your face, with our brand as well as the items we promote.

Myriad365 started in Austin, Texas with a CPA who dreamed of life outside of spreadsheets. This coupled with his passion for giving the best gifts led to the creation of a true brand.  

The dream was and still is to provide a MYRIAD of products to the everyday American every day of the year; products that are popular year round as well as seasonal delights. Products that make great gifts - for others and for one's self! 

At Myriad365, we might be a fun and joyful bunch but our commitment to our customer base remains serious.

If you need to reach us, please feel free to shoot us an e-mail and our customer service team will make sure to reach out to you to help solve your problem.