What is the Difference Between LED and RGB Lighting?

What is the Difference Between LED and RGB Lighting?

LED Versus RGB: What Is the Difference?

If you're looking to upgrade your home lighting, you've heard it all. In 2021, there is a near endless variations to choose from that all seem to have different features and benefits. Today we go over a crucial difference to know, RGB lamp versus LED lighting and what the difference truly is.


What is RGB Lighting?

RGB lamps and mood lightings comes with enhanced colors from your device, and is typically used in our modern tech. It essentially enables your devices to change colors. You may remember back in the day when you'd have to use a PC just to change your display colors. This is no longer the case. RGB lamps and lighting can be used to change the colors in any room you choose. RGB colors are not simply greens, reds, and blues. You can actually add in other colors using software, and this is exactly what RGB lighting allows you to do. When we talk about LED lighting, we'll talk about something very similar. LED Lights - What Are They? LED lights are so commonplace that it's difficult to imagine them in a different context. They've become one of the most popular types of light in our modern tech.

What is LED Lighting?

Now you may be wondering, what is the difference between LED lighting and RGB? The difference is simple, which of the two is better and you'll never confuse the two. RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue, while LED stands for Red, Green and Blue, just to give you some context. There are some common factors that differentiate the two types of lighting. Number of LEDs LCD Tubes LEDS have been around for some time, but the most modern applications have much more LEDs crammed into them. These LEDs usually come with lower power consumption as well. So RGB LEDs are typically much better to use for any type of ambient lighting. Although there is no definite definition, RGB tends to be more a durable, functional option. Not only is it extremely durable, but it also has a much higher lifespan.

How does each type of lighting work?

LED lighting works differently than RGB lighting. While RGB bulbs have two colors, usually red and blue, LEDs have only one color, usually white. In fact, that's the entire point of LED bulbs, to simply give a brighter, whiter light. Some of the best LED bulbs can provide upwards of 1000 lumens, far brighter than any RGB bulb. LEDs, in general, offer a lot of advantages to the end user. They're a lot more cost effective than RGBs, generally last longer, and they are one of the most energy efficient light sources. LED lights are great for bedrooms and offices, where the light is not as extreme and uncomfortable as you'd get from an incandescent or traditional CFL. Is RGB lighting better? In theory, the answer is "yes." RGB lighting is certainly great for the modern home.

Why should I choose one over the other?

So why should you choose one over the other? There are a few primary points you should take into consideration, the most notable being the type of lights you're actually replacing. Most, if not all, homes use light bulbs of some kind. Traditional incandescent bulbs use less energy and create a warm white light. They also last a long time, but tend to be dimmable and are much less bright than they once were. In short, an incandescent bulb provides more light but is dimmable, while an LED bulb provides more light and is brighter than traditional bulbs. For your next home lighting upgrade, you should choose a premium LED floor lamp with RGB features. We recommend Myriad365’s rgb lamp because we know we did it right with this 2021 release.


LED lights use less energy and last longer than traditional lighting. If you’re looking to save money, there's no contest here. That being said, they aren’t necessarily "cheaper" in terms of time. The only way to truly make the switch is to purchase new light bulbs. But if you are using inexpensive light bulbs in your home that are close to their warranty period, there is no need to upgrade your lighting. A little insurance will go a long way and avoid you from throwing out a few of your most expensive fixtures! LED lighting vs. RGB As stated above, LEDs use less energy and last longer. Some LEDs have been around since 2003, but not all LEDs are created equal. If you're looking for a "low cost" upgrade, we suggest RGB lamps. These are similar to CFLs or CFLs with an LED version.


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