The Best RGB Floor Lamp of 2021 - What You Should Know

The Best RGB Floor Lamp of 2021 - What You Should Know

The Best RGB Floor Lamp of 2021- What You Should Know

The lighting in your home can have a huge impact on your daily life. A well-lit room is welcoming and comfortable both for you, your family and any guests. Whether you want to create a place for reading and relaxation, a romantic atmosphere or a room that’s capable of switching between the two, choosing the right lighting is one of the best ways to achieve these goals.


What is an RGB Lamp and Lighting?

RGB stands for Red Green Blue, which is a color palette composed of equal parts of red, green and blue. In a more technical sense, RGB can also be referred to as in-built RGB lighting. With in-built RGB lighting, lighting for your home can be controlled not only by turning on or off. There are different ways of doing this, but we will discuss the most popular and practical. 1. White RGB Lighting By far the most popular method of lighting your home is with a white color and one light each of red, green and blue, often combined with white. It’s a simple way of illuminating a room and makes everything seem brighter and more inviting. This lighting method is ideal for most rooms in the home because it is the most common and the easiest to work with. 2.


Why Choose a RGB Floor Lamp?

You already know that RGB is the most advanced type of lighting technology around and one that doesn’t just come at a price. With its numerous lighting fixtures available in the market, it is a smart decision to make it a priority to invest in such a lighting solution if you want to make an upgrade in your home. Today, LED lights are easy to install, can be added to almost any décor and deliver consistent and bright light that will last throughout the years. The design is also easy to install, thanks to LED technology. With its light-up buttons, you can control the colour, intensity and brightness of the light by following simple, one-key instructions. It also comes with a timer that allows you to choose the time you want to get rid of the light.


The Best RGB Floor Lamps of 2021

The Home Lighting Services Awards are designed to celebrate those companies which are genuinely dedicated to making sure you, as a customer, are receiving the best possible home lighting solutions. It’s our hope that this shortlist of winning products will encourage you to try new lighting companies, and help you determine which is best for you.


  1. Myriad365 RGB Floor Lamp


Storming onto the scene in 2021 was Myriad365’s RGB lamp.  What a product.  This product is an LED corner floor lamp made in such a way that makes you want to build your own.  It’s crafted from sturdy material and equipped with premium LED technology that lasts 50,000 hours.  This product is legit.  Myriad365’ RGB lamp has the ability to create 356 different colors so you’re never left with a dull moment.  At a price that seems too cheap, we highly recommend.


  1. Brightech Sky Torchiere


Boasting a unique design, the Brightech Sky Torchiere Floor Lamp is a totally different way to light your home. The lamp has two 10-inch discs on either end of a 63-inch pole. The base end has been weighted to help prevent toppling, which is ideal for homes with kids and pets. The other end sports a super bright, LED lamp that can generate up to 2,260 lumens of light. This impressive lamp is capable of being the only light source you need in a room. You’ll also find the lamp can be pointed in several directions, and the on/off button cycles through a range of brightness options, ensuring you get the exact lighting atmosphere you’re after.


  1. Hampton Bay Bronze


If you’ve never seen this bronze torchiere floor lamp, there’s a solid chance you’ve been living under a rock. It’s quite literally everywhere. Your doctor’s office. Your old dorm building lobby. Your favorite restaurant. Your Aunt Jen’s beachside condo. It is one of the most common lamps you can buy, but hey, it’s good-looking. This floor lamp comes with zero fuss and is the most straightforward lamp on our list. At just $20, it’s a price you can’t beat either.


Our Pick for the Best RGB Floor Lamp

Since the holiday season is approaching, you might already have a few recommendations in mind. But it’s about time to get a new RGB floor lamp as well.  That’s why we recommend the Myriad365 RGB Lamp.  And it’s not even close.  If you’re looking to upgrade your home décor, look no further than an RGB corner lamp that changes the entire feel of your room.



The creative people, designers and architects have the opportunity to experiment with new and exciting trends every year, so now is the time to decide which lighting trend will have a place in your home. Every lighting is a blank canvas, so it’s up to you to decide how to use it.


As a reminder, our Pick for the Best RGB Lamp of 2021 is Myriad365.


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