Create the Perfect Mood Lighting with RGB Floor Lamps

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You've been stuck inside for the greater part of the last 2 years. What was once a place of blissful rest has become dull and stuffy. It's time to turn your house back into home with the vibrancy of a RGB Floor Lamp.  More a piece of art than a traditional living room lamp, let’s discuss the origins and features of this product that’s sweeping the internet in 2021.

How to Create a Mood

When you look at a room full of artificial lighting, you can feel your face contort with a feeling of false contentment. However, this is not what you want to achieve a state of relaxation when you walk into your home. With a typical incandescent or fluorescent bulb, the light is blueish. You would think this would reflect the feelings of love you feel for your partner, family or pets, but it simply does not. This is not what you want when you are alone at home. The lighting is cold and unfriendly.  

Walah, in walks an RGB Floor Lamp!  Manufacturers have fixed this problem by fitting all the vibrancy of full spectrum effects into one lamp. By allowing customers to rotate through a mix of 356 colors, any customer can count on this light to fire up their living space. It's the perfect match for a house that’s simply been overused. RGB Floor Lamps are alive.


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What is an RGB Floor Lamp?

An RGB floor lamp offers you not only a gentle glow, but a mixture of cool and warm colors.  Both the warm and cool colors produce the perception of soft light. Why? Because blue and green both produce the same frequency of light. Have you noticed your smartphone screen has a warmer, orange tone? We're sure you have, and if you haven't yet, there's a good chance you will.


Why does your phone's screen have a warm glow? The primary reason for a warm glow is the effect of blue light. Blue light is the color that penetrates the deepest into your eyes. Blue light doesn't just prevent eye strain; it produces the same sensation in your brain as caffeine does. Other reasons why your phone has a warm glow? Your eyes tend to be more susceptible to blue light than green light.


With premium LED technology, a good RGB lamp has the ability to both being a mood stimulator and relaxer.


The benefits of an RGB Floor Lamp

Exposed metal, from lampshades to cabinet knobs, creates a warm, rustic and welcoming ambiance. The cool, gray color of these elements contrast wonderfully with the warm tones and warm tones of your furniture and décor. The colors set against a neutral backdrop makes your home much more visually stimulating.


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This type of ability to stimulate a room is great for displaying art. It’s also incredible for keeping lighting within small, restricted areas out of the reach of curious toddlers.


With such versatility, you may want to swap all your lamps for an RGB Floor Lamp after reading this well-crafted blog that highlights every aspect of this 2021 product. 


In addition to versatility, RGB Floor Lamps makes life much easier. All you need is an Bluetooth capital device and an internet connection. RGB lamps are built to be fully compatible with music players and dynamic TV sets so that you can sync lamps to the other effects in the room.  Just imagine a rotating color wheel of 356 vibrant colors that rotates through to the tune of the music.


For this reason, we’ve seen users of RGB floor lamps use them in all settings:


  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Party rooms
  • Gaming studio / Music Studio
  • Mancaves
  • Bathroom (yes, even bathrooms!)


How to use an RGB Floor Lamp

Before we get too far along, let's talk about why a room or space needs mood lighting. As mentioned earlier, mood lighting enhances the feel of your indoor space without requiring you to break your furniture in order to bring in the fun. This gives a sense of energy and vibrancy. That makes any space feel more lived in and brings your home into the 21st Century with style.


The best part of it is, you can customize it. Each lamp works with a built-in RGB light setting and there are many ways to utilize this vast array of lighting to get your desired result. It's not just what you choose to create your mood lighting that's important. The level of effort you put into it is crucial to making sure that you're achieving the most possible output from your home lighting.


How to choose the right to buy!

The biggest decision you have to make is what RGB Floor Lamp is right for you.  There are several different makes in models that have come to market in 2021.  We recommend going with a product that has a high number of features and lighting effects.  The last thing you want to do is spend your hard earner cash moolah on an RGB Floor Lamp… only to find out it doesn’t quite have the lighting features you thought.  Then you’re left in a pickle, do you buy another product or settle with a mediocre home décor?  Neither are options you should have to make.


This is why we recommend going with our Modern LED corner floor lamp, which carries a host of features.  Myriad365 only sources premium quality – because of this our lamp comes with:


  • Enhanced Brightness – 30% brighter than the standard market model makes for a Bold and Vivid display of colors
  • Extended Lifespan: our product has been tested to last up to 50,000 hours, compared to market average of 20,000
  • 356 Color Modes
  • Auto play functionality
  • 56 inch height
  • L shape design
  • Touch Remote Control that simplifies the set up process


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When new products come to market, it’s right to be skeptical.  There are fads that come and go every year.  Products that initially drove the ‘hype machine’ but failed due to their lack of functionality in the real world.

This, my friends, is not one of those fads.  Our company has had the pleasure of being aware of the RGB Floor Lamp for some time now and we are stilled wowed every time we use the product.  Having the ability to change the mood of an entire room with one touch of a button is a tool that never dulls.  Although there are many copycats and low quality options on the market, buying an LED RGB Floor Lamp from Myriad365 is surely a decision that will rank in your best purchases for 2021 (and beyond). 

We’re giddy with excitement to be able to source and sell this product, come find out why with your own lamp this year.

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