5 Ways To Make Your Home Come to Life

5 Ways To Make Your Home Come to Life

Your home is your oasis and safe spot from all of the things that frustrate you out in the world. Make sure that it’s as transformative as you want it to be by personalizing it with high-end touches that make it look sophisticated but still like you. Not sure quite what that’s going to mean for your home itself? A new plant? A candle? An RGB lamp? Here are some inspirational tips to get you started.

The top 5 ways to make your home look amazing in 2021!

Whether you’re living in a 3,000 sq ft home or a tiny little micro-apartment, these tips are going to be helpful for anyone who wants to enjoy their home. It’s all about transforming it into your little clubhouse, after all.


  1. Coordinate your color pops: From throw pillows to curtains to area rugs -- and beyond -- coordinate things as much as you can. You don’t need to have everything the same hue, but make sure you don’t have red competing with green, competing with orange, etc. Stay focused on a matching color circle.
  2. Clear out the clutter: Whether it’s a haphazard pile of magazines or three couches that make it an obstacle course to get around your space, keep it streamlined and focused on what you like to use and see. This design will help be a place of calm and comfort, and you’ll also find that it simply looks better, too.
  3. Give it a fresh lick of paint: You can freshen it up with another coat of the same color you have on there, or you can look at the idea of changing it entirely. Whatever you feel like taking on. But, do a fresh coat and don’t forget the ceiling!
  4. Change out your soft furnishings: All of those decoration elements you have? Refresh them with brand new versions! Something new to bring in the eye and entertain it with patterns, textures, colors. It’ll be cost-effective and fun!
  5. Bring in some light: These days, an RGB lamp is going to do a lot for your space! A color-changing lamp that can instantly transform your space from simple and plain to modern and refreshing is going to be one of the best choices possible. The Myriad365 RGB Corner Lamp is going to be your best choice since it’s streamlined, designed to fit in the corner, and is a great aesthetic addition.


It’s so refreshing to think that changing the entire look and feel of your home is going to come down to putting the correct, easy details into place. All that’s left now is to figure out how you can make all of these tips work for you in every single room so that your home is going to look the best it’s ever been, and it’ll transform itself in that little getaway you’ve been waiting for. So, get to work and start enjoying a fun makeover that is going to end with a carefully designed home that is effortless to maintain and personalize with a simple change on your RGB lamp!

If you are ready to transform your home with vibrancy, give the Myriad365 RGB Lamp a try this year!

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